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Indian Rural Education & Charities (IREC)
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At present, developing India has millions of children who are not enrolled in school. Many thousands more may never have an opportunity to attend. In all cases, education is vital, to break the cycle of poverty and create opportunities for children and their families.

Education support program is a hallmark program of IREC that is geared towards creating an independent and self-sustaining generation of individuals. The focus of this program is to help the gifted children of

poor and destitute families in achieving their dream of higher education. The results have been very encouraging year after year and we are able to see these students progress and move towards success.

Given the sensitivity and seriousness of this program, we take this to the next level by closely monitoring the performance of the students that are benefited by this program. To keep the students motivated and on track, grades are monitored on a regular basis. Counseling is provided to students to keep them on the path to success.

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